Summer Tag

Robotics Academy

Calling all middle schoolers! Bring a parent and an iPad and come learn how to program a robot!

Robotics Academy2019-07-15T10:37:34-07:00

JJ Jump

We’ve reserved all of JJ Jump for an hour of wiggles and giggles.

JJ Jump2019-07-15T10:37:29-07:00

Campus Movie Night

Join everyone from New Heights West for a movie night on campus! We'll be traveling to Radiator Springs as we watch Cars 2!

Campus Movie Night2019-07-10T12:23:38-07:00

Beach Day

With tide pools to explore, waves to jump, streets to stroll and sun to soak, there is no better place to enjoy a relaxing summer day!

Beach Day2019-07-10T12:23:31-07:00

Pool Day

Come beat the heat at Club Green Meadows! We'll have access to both their indoor and outdoor pools.

Pool Day2019-07-10T12:23:27-07:00

Oaks Park

From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to the kid-friendly carrousel, go-karts, bumper cars and the Big Pink Slide, Oaks Park is packed with rides for folks of all ages and heights. With so many choices, your biggest obstacle might be figuring out what to do first.

Oaks Park2019-07-10T12:23:22-07:00

Night Meetings

This is THE event you (and your kids!) won’t want to miss. From roasting our teaching pastors to lip sync battles – it’s three nights of zany, off-the-wall Summer Festival fun. Mixed into the crazy is awesome worship and an encouraging message.

Night Meetings2019-07-10T12:23:18-07:00

HSM Lake Day

First things first – this event is exclusively for high school students. Next things next – it wouldn't be summer without a day at the lake!

HSM Lake Day2019-07-23T11:03:11-07:00

Kid Kraze

What do you get when you combine hundreds of kids with crazy games, giant inflatables, cotton candy and tons of activities? New Heights Kid Kraze, of course!

Kid Kraze2019-07-15T10:38:46-07:00