We serve those struggling and suffering with life’s hardships and we cultivate a culture of discipleship and soul care within the body of Christ.

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About Us

New Heights Counseling will exist to offer counseling that is –
Christ-centered, whole-person oriented, and relationally rooted.


We believe Christ is central to our lives and to understanding ourselves, our stories, and our struggles – sin and suffering. We believe that Scripture is central in connecting people to the gospel.


We are made in the image of God, and as such, we consider how our stories are impacted by spiritual, social, physical, and emotional influences.


We acknowledge that the church community – relationships within the body of Christ –  is central to our spiritual health and well being.

New Heights Counseling uses a Christ-centered counseling approach where the Bible is the foundation for understanding ourselves and our struggles.

The Bible informs basic questions such as – Who are we? What motivates us? How do we understand our relational and personal struggles? How does change occur? Our philosophy of counseling is rooted in God’s Word. We affirm that the Bible is our authority and greatest source of wisdom for all of life – including the various struggles that bring a person into the counseling room.

Our goal is to meaningfully bring the gospel into the counseling room, helping counselees see how the gospel intersects and practically impacts the struggles they are facing. We counsel from a biblical worldview – viewing our identity, our problems, and our hope through the lens of scripture.

Our Team

Level 2 Counselors

Beth Claes
Beth ClaesCounseling Director
Peggy Nydahl
Peggy NydahlLevel 2 Counselor
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan KimLevel 2 Counselor

Level 1 Counselors

Lara Call

Dwight Lathim

Lori Warmack

Bill McConnell

Jeremy Smith

Patricia Tiernan

Melissa Fink-Akizuki

Michelle Lathim

Nancy Talbert

Shannon Tracy

Pat McConnell

New Heights also offers specific support groups that cover a variety of different topics. If you need help getting back on track or just need someone who understands what you’re facing, check out our full groups schedule below.