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This 8-month class will equip professional counselors and lay persons with the ability to apply the gospel in personal and specific ways to heart struggles and to walk alongside those who are suffering. We will address both the theology and practice of Christ-centered counseling. Participants will be prepared to support and counsel individuals, couples, and families from a biblical worldview, applying a biblical perspective of suffering and personal change. Issues such as addictions, anxiety, anger and depression will be covered. This class would also be helpful for anyone wanting to grow in connecting a biblical worldview to real life struggles and relevant to a variety of formal and informal ministry contexts. Space is limited.


Class begins in September and runs through April. The current class is closed. The next class cycle will begin September 2024.


Participants can choose to attend the Equipping Track or Certification Track

The Equipping Track is essentially auditing the class. You would complete all course readings and participate in all classes, but would not have formal assignments or receive formal credit.

The Certification Track includes readings, class attendance, and various assignments to strengthen your learning. It leads to Certification in Biblical Counseling from the Association of Biblical Counselors, which is a nationally recognized organization in biblical counseling.

Taking our Biblical Soul Care class in no way guarantees or obligates you to join our counseling team.


Equipping Track: $100, covers class, book, articles, and other materials. 

Certification Track: $650, covers, class, book, articles, grading for assignments, and other materials

A nonrefundable $50 deposit is required to secure your spot.


Registration for the next class will open June 13, 2024. If you are interested in getting registration information when it comes out, please complete the form below and we will be sure to send you registration information and class updates as it becomes available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are There Two tracks?2023-01-22T15:01:16-08:00

We want to make it easy for you to participate in a way that makes sense for you. We think this class could be helpful to anyone wanting to grow in applying the Bible to real life problems, temptations, and suffering. However, completing the certification option may not be a high priority for some, and we still want you to join us!

Which Track Should I Take?2023-01-22T15:02:06-08:00

If your goal is to have a formal opportunity to serve our center as a lay counselor or professional counselor, we would strongly encourage you to take the certification class. The certification track offers more learning opportunities through assignments and more opportunities for feedback for your growth. If taking the class for growth or application to other ministry contexts, either option may be good.

Do I Have to Go Through this Class to Serve with New Heights Counseling?2023-01-22T15:01:50-08:00

This is the best and most direct path for getting involved. It will give you a very clear sense of what New Heights Counseling is about, and train you for more active roles in serving at the counseling center. There may be some limited opportunities to get involved without attending the class, but our preference is to equip you through this class to become formally involved.

Do I Need a Professional Counseling Degree to Have a Role in this Center?2023-01-22T15:02:39-08:00

There will be a variety of options for serving with the center – some for professional counselors and some for people who are not professionally trained in counseling. We would like to have lay counselors available for shorter-term counseling needs. Taking this class is the best way to become involved as a lay counselor.

I’m a Professional Counselor. Is it Necessary to Complete this Course to Work at New Heights Counseling?2023-01-22T15:04:14-08:00

Our strong preference is for professional counselors who are interested in potentially working with our center to take this class. We envision opportunities to hire professional counselors as independent contractors – providing resources, physical space, and support – in the future. This class would equip you to integrate faith effectively in your counseling work, and help us all to work from a shared vision for Christ-centered counseling.

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