What is Membership?

Membership is a way to commit to a church family. Through membership, you are joining in the mission and vision of the church and inviting your church family to speak into your life.

All together, this process will take about an hour of your time. Each video is followed by a short form to fill out. You can complete this process in one sitting or complete each form in separate sittings and come back to this page when you have time.

We are excited to welcome you!

How do I become a member?

  • Watch – Start the process by watching each video below, then fill out the form after each video.

  • Answer – After each video, there is a link to a specific section of the membership application. You can choose to go through everything in one sitting, or do some sections and return to complete the rest when you have time.

  • Follow-Up – Someone will follow up with you after your application has been received.

Part 1: What Is Membership?

Part 2: Salvation

Part 3: Baptism

Part 4: Your Next Step