Summer Camp FAQs

Can my student be on a team/in a cabin with their friend?2024-03-12T10:02:30-07:00

We do our best to honor every request we receive! However, please know there are several factors involved in team and cabin assignments, so we’re not always able to accommodate every request. We appreciate your understanding! 

The best chance of being placed with your friend is if you do the following: 

  • Only list one name in your roommate request.
  • Make sure that person mutually requests you as their roommate. 

We try to grant (but cannot guarantee) non-mutual requests or larger groups of friends. 

For our day camps, we cannot grant requests for teammates in a different grade. For our over night camps, we cannot grant requests for cabinmates of the opposite gender or if they are more than 2 grades apart. 

Can I go to camp after I graduate?2024-04-16T11:05:33-07:00

Congratulations to graduating seniors! Our camps are based on the grade you’re headed in to this fall.  If you graduated this year, check out the Young Adults Retreat.

What age do I have to be to attend the Young Adults Retreat?2023-05-11T13:34:29-07:00

Our Young Adults ministry is for people between the ages of 18-25. If you’re 26+ but want to attend, shoot us a note:

Can my student bring their cell phone?2023-05-11T13:44:58-07:00

Cell phones are not allowed at camp. Leaders and campers alike will tell you what a game-changer this is! Without cell phones, students more fully engage in camp activities, more quickly build meaningful relationships, and experience a significant mental well-being boost.

In the event of an emergency, you will be provided with a number to contact the camp, and your student will have access to contact you if need be.

Students are welcome bring cameras for personal photography but our camp photographers capture it all! All photos are available after camp digitally.

If students bring phones to camp, they will be collected by a leader and returned at the end of camp.

Will my student be safe during this event?2023-05-11T14:51:31-07:00

Safety of our students is our top priority. Throughout camp, your student will be under the close care of a background-checked and interview-approved adult leader. All adult leaders have completed sexual abuse awareness training and are trained in mandatory reporting. Our leaders are caring, kind, and mature — ready to love students and help them grow! 

Here are a few of the ways we prioritize safety at our overnight camps: 

  • Students go straight to their rooms after concluding the day’s events, and are not be allowed to leave their cabin after lights out. An adult security team patrols each evening.
  • Every cabin is staffed by at least two trained adult leaders.
  • A team of registered nurses or health assistants is on-site to address each camper’s health and safety concerns and to dispense all medications.
My student has allergies and/or requires regular medication.2023-05-11T14:50:48-07:00

A registered nurse or health assistant is on-site to address each camper’s health and safety, and to dispense all medications. 

All campers are required to complete the Medical Release form, please make note of any allergies and/or medication there. If your student will need medication, they’ll need to print the Medical Authorization Report and bring to the Nurse Team at check in.  

Is financial aid available?2023-05-11T14:32:35-07:00

Yes, financial aid is available for those with limited resources. If you’d like to apply for financial aid for a middle school or high school camp, please complete this Financial Assistance Request form. Applications for Kids Camp can be made using the Kids Ministry Financial Assistance form. 

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