New Roots

A place for young married couples to find friendship, encouragement (and a free dinner!).

New Roots2019-04-02T09:21:16-07:00

New Roots: Financial Future Workshop

Make the most of your summer and join us a for a three week workshop where we will explore God's unique design for the roles of husband and wife.

New Roots: Financial Future Workshop2018-05-31T11:11:33-07:00

New Roots: Clackamas River Float

Bring your favorite flotation device and enjoy a lazy float down the river with new friends and old. Meet us at New Heights Main and we'll carpool.

New Roots: Clackamas River Float2017-05-17T16:13:30-07:00

New Roots: Outdoor Movie

Warm summer night, movie snacks, good friends ... how can you beat that?! Bring a camping chair or blanket and we'll see you there!

New Roots: Outdoor Movie2017-06-22T16:55:15-07:00

New Roots: Game Night

Friends, laughter, and good ol' fashioned board games! Bring a salty or sweet snack to share.

New Roots: Game Night2017-05-17T15:22:16-07:00

New Roots: Young Married Couples

Come connect with other young married couples - we'll focus on our spiritual growth and discover practical ways to invest in your marriage.

New Roots: Young Married Couples2017-04-12T14:31:23-07:00

New Roots: Beach Breakaway

Say "hello" to fall at the Oregon coast. You'll have a chance to connect with other young married couples amidst of a weekend of sunshine, sand & spiritual growth.

New Roots: Beach Breakaway2016-09-08T10:20:15-07:00