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Christmas Party

We're embracing the trend, and donning our tacky Christmas apparel. We'll have dinner to share!

Christmas Party2019-09-04T10:30:22-07:00


Come enjoy some pie as we celebrate Thanksgiving Journey-style!



We’ll have burgers on the grill, games on the lawn and a whole crew of people who would love to meet you!


Starbucks Drop-In

White elephant gift exchange ($5 limit), a free meal, and lots of laughs.

Starbucks Drop-In2018-12-23T11:41:38-08:00

Summer Kick-Off BBQ

Summer is finally here. To celebrate, Journey is starting our summer right! Whether you’re looking to try a new group or a seasoned Journey-er, you’re invited to enjoy some summer sun, barbeque, volleyball, and bocce ball in the fields behind New Heights Main. We’ll provide the food and refreshments, and you provide the fun.

Summer Kick-Off BBQ2018-03-13T14:49:28-07:00

Portland Pickles Baseball Game

There’s no better way to enjoy the sensational summer nights in the NW than by taking in a baseball game. Join us for a great night at the ol' ball game!

Portland Pickles Baseball Game2016-07-19T22:11:01-07:00

Drive-In Movie Night

A classic summer adventure! We're headed to Newberg, OR for a fun and unique drive-in movie experience!

Drive-In Movie Night2016-09-07T14:03:25-07:00