Christmas Party

We're embracing the trend, and donning our tacky Christmas apparel. We'll have dinner to share!

Christmas Party2019-09-04T10:30:22-07:00


Come enjoy some pie as we celebrate Thanksgiving Journey-style!


Corn Maze

First stop: BiZi farms corn maze (prepare for mud)! Second stop: dessert! Meet us at New Heights Main to carpool.

Corn Maze2019-09-04T10:29:43-07:00


We’ll have burgers on the grill, games on the lawn and a whole crew of people who would love to meet you!


Paint Night

Let out your inner artist and hang out with some great people. What could be better?

Paint Night2019-04-02T09:23:38-07:00

Bowling Night

Journey is going on the road! Meet up at Big Al’s in East Vancouver for some great bowling – no matter your skill level.

Bowling Night2019-04-02T09:23:19-07:00

Night at the Movies

We'll meet up at west and then head down to the Regal Theater in downtown Vancouver. Bring $5 for your ticket and whatever movie treats you fancy.

Night at the Movies2019-02-27T14:21:25-08:00


A great way to stay connected to God and other believers as you navigate your 20s.


Starbucks Drop-In

White elephant gift exchange ($5 limit), a free meal, and lots of laughs.

Starbucks Drop-In2018-12-23T11:41:38-08:00