We go BIG at summer! Our calendar is packed with opportunities to love Jesus, connect with people and have fun along the way. Every year, the goal is to have a meaningful summer – this year is no different, we’re just reimagining how to do it!


When school slows down, the New Heights summer goes full throttle! This year, things will look different – but we’re committed to pointing our kids and students towards Jesus and having fun while we do it! Our reimagined Summer Camps will happen at New Heights Main, with a mix of virtual and in-person activities.


When you give to New Heights, you’re supporting individuals and organizations around the world that share our mission of making more and better disciples. Right now, they are flying small planes to bring medical aid and support missionaries, caring for Muslim refugees and pointing them to Jesus, providing a Christian education for a post-Communist generation, and translating the Bible into local languages for the first time … they are doing important work! And they LOVE the work they are doing.

If summer had gone as planned, we’d be sending off small groups of people from our church to work alongside our friends in Indonesia, Slovakia, Uganda and Lebanon. And here’s the truth – the benefit of these annual trips is all ours. It’s an incredible experience to work alongside these people and see the amazing ways God is at work across the globe. But, along with that our hope is to encourage and support our friends in the work they are doing.

This summer, we’re reimagining what it looks like to hear from our friends overseas and send our encouragement. And instead of sending a small team, we’re “sending” all of you …

Stay tuned!

Bohdan Hrobon – Martin, Slovakia