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Quest is a weekly Bible study designed to help women of all ages know God and His Word more fully in order to thrive with authentic faith in their daily walks with Jesus. Join us in a fun and caring group as we study the Bible, share life in small groups, support each other in prayer, and grow together. Our time together begins as a large group as a speaker shares relevant, life-applicable lessons from the week’s study. After that, we break into small groups for a chance to discuss the Bible. We also do several events throughout the year in a larger group to create an atmosphere of belonging, enjoyment and celebration; helping us build long-lasting friendships centered on Christ. kidzone is available.

Current Study

Elijah: A Man Just Like Us
Elijah burst into Israel’s history at a time of idolatry and evil. Through him it was confronted and exposed by God. But this man, just like us, also knew weakness and failure. Christians today face the same pressures that Elijah experienced. Elijah’s ups and downs speak to us too.

New Study (beginning Feb 19)

A Journey of Faith – The Life of Moses
This study of the life and journey of Moses including his call, his willingness, and his purpose from God will challenge us all to examine some of the same areas in our own lives.

Special Events

Friendship Brunch
Tue, Feb 12

Service Day
Tue, Mar 26

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