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Community Groups offer a weekly living room conversation to help you figure out what to do on Monday with what you are hearing on Sunday.

The spring session of Community Groups begins in April!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Group?2020-04-03T16:00:06-07:00

Community Groups are small gatherings of people, meeting regularly with the purpose of having a weekly conversation to help you figure out what to on Monday with what you are hearing on Sunday. Groups focus on:

  • Applying the Bible to life
  • Building authentic relationships
  • Caring for one another

Group sizes range from 10-16 people. Trained leaders help facilitate each group. A typical gathering lasts an hour and a half.

When and where do Community Groups meet?2021-05-27T15:03:21-07:00

Typically, Community Groups meet weekly in homes throughout Clark County. A gathering usually will last an hour and a half.

When does a Community Group start and stop meeting?2022-12-06T11:22:12-08:00

Community Groups meet during the school year in trimesters, taking an extended break during the holiday season and again at Easter. Typically three 10-week trimesters kick off in the fall, winter and spring.

Winter 2023
Our winter session will begin the week of January 22nd and will end the week of March 19th.

We ask that you commit to a group for a trimester. At the end of the session, you can choose to stay in the same group, try a new group or take a break. Most groups will stay together throughout the entire year.

What will we study?2019-06-27T20:37:47-07:00

Together, we’ll dig into the weekend message. Community Group is a place where we’ll focus on what it means to apply the teachings of the Bible to our everyday life – how we interact with our spouse, our orientation at work, the way we parent, even the reactions we have to fellow drivers on the road! 😉

What about kids?2019-07-01T14:35:28-07:00

We know child care can be a challenge, but want to encourage you that the benefit of being connected in a Community Group is worth solving the challenge!

Here are some of the most common solutions:

  • Each family handles their own child care.
  • Families with kids collectively pay a babysitter to be with all the kids, either onsite in another room or offsite at another house.
  • Co-op child care amongst the group. Rotating through the group, two people pair up to be with the kids, either onsite in another room or offsite at another house.
  • If only a handful of people have kids, the group may choose to pool funds to help cover the cost of child care.

If you have older kids, we’d love for them to have a similar group expereince with their peers. Check out the small group programs available for REV (middle school ministry) and HSM (high school ministry).

How are Community Groups formed?2019-10-31T14:39:07-07:00

Groups will be formed by Community Group leaders. They’ll be encouraged to build groups that include people they know and those they don’t. We will also occasionally ask leaders to make space for new people. We want to help you find a group that is a great fit!

How are Community Group leaders trained and supported?2022-08-18T15:05:31-07:00

The best training a Community Group leader can get is to experience one! All of our leaders have been in a Community Group for at least one trimester before leading their own group.

Ongoing training will happen in a large group format twice a year. Every group will also have a coach, who will encourage and support them throughout the year.

What should I do if I’m already in a small group?2022-12-06T11:38:11-08:00

We’re so glad you have a “home!” We would love to have your group fold into our church-wide Community Group format. Here’s how you can do that – ask two leaders from your group to join a Community Group for one trimester. The following trimester, they can lead your group in the new format.

Are there Community Groups for students?2022-05-17T12:02:06-07:00

Yes! And no. Both HSM (high school) and MSM (middle school) offer small groups for students during the school year. Just like Community Groups, these small group gatherings are vital to the spiritual growth of our students. But the schedule and topic of study is designed with students in mind and doesn’t follow our church-wide Community Group program.

Get more information at MSM and HSM.

Are there Community Groups for Young Adults?2022-08-18T13:42:37-07:00

If you’re a Young Adult (ages 18-25), we offer the exact same Community Group experience, but with a twist. Instead of meeting at different times throughout the weeks in homes, we’ll gather on Monday nights at our Central Vancouver campus.

We’ll dig into the weekend message and focus on what it means to apply the teachings of the Bible to our everyday life – and also have time to gather together after our discussion time.

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