Life is better together – even if it’s online!

This season of isolation has made it more clear than ever – God designed us for relationships!

Community Groups offer an (online) weekly living room conversation to help you figure out what to do on Monday with what you are hearing on Sunday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Community Group?2020-04-03T16:00:14-07:00

Community Groups are small gatherings of people, meeting regularly with the purpose of having a weekly conversation to help you figure out what to on Monday with what you are hearing on Sunday. Groups focus on:

  • Applying the Bible to life
  • Building authentic relationships
  • Caring for one another

Group sizes range from 10-16 people. Trained leaders help facilitate each group. A typical gathering lasts an hour and a half.

How should we do Community Group online?2020-04-03T16:38:12-07:00

Our recommendation is to use the platform, Zoom. It’s free, easy to set up and works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Typically, Zoom limits free meetings to 40 minutes, but right now they are allowing the meeting to continue beyond the typical timeframe.

If you have any trouble getting set up, let us know: CommunityGroups@nullNewHeights.org.

Should we change the format of our Community Group while we meet online?2020-04-03T16:25:03-07:00


Typically, a Community Group evening looks like this:

6:15pm – Arrive and connect over a snack
6:40pm – Icebreaker
6:50pm – Discuss the weekend talk
7:30pm – Break for prayer
8pm – Wrap up

Online, it might look more like:

6:30pm – Icebreaker
6:40pm – Discuss the weekend talk
7:10pm – End your join Zoom call
7:20pm – Break into two Zoom calls (guy and gals) for prayer

It seems the whole world is figuring out this new normal as we go, and we get to do the same! Do what works best for your group.





How long will Community Groups be online?2020-04-03T16:29:14-07:00

Well, we don’t exactly know! But, for now – we’re expecting that the entire Spring Session (7 weeks) will be online.

Community Groups meet during the school year in three sessions, taking an extended break during the holiday season and again at Easter. Our hope is to kick off our 10-week Fall Session in person!

How can I join a Community Group?2020-04-03T16:33:44-07:00

Right now, we’re pushing pause on forming new groups. We think the best Community Group experience happens in person, especially when you’re meeting with people you don’t know. We’re planning to launch our Fall Session of Community Groups, in-person, with dozens of new groups!

If you want in, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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Julie Boe
Julie BoeCommunity Groups Director