Into our weary world a child appears.
A Savior for the whole world… and Savior for me.
The light of heaven breaking through the darkness.
The thrill of hope.

Jesus is here, in our messy existence. Offering hope for the broken, peace for the weary, and joy to the hearts who experience God’s great gift of love.

We hope this song helps you experience the incredible moment when God sent His Son. Not in an abstract way, but as a deeply personal expereince … a Savior was born for ME.

Emmanuel Lyrics

In the night, in the night
We thought would never end
Hear the sound, hear the sound
A cry that seeks to mend
Every heart, every heart, that’s broken

All the love, all the love, we could imagine
Lying there, lying there, a Child of innocence
Unto us, unto us, the greatest gift of all

Emmanuel, God in flesh has come
Emmanuel, the Father sent His Son
So the world would believe
That a Savior was born for me

I don’t know, I don’t know
Why He would come to this
Just for me, just for me, I know that I’m a mess
And I need, and I need, a Savior

He is here, He is here, just like the angel said
Bringing joy, bringing joy
To all who comprehend
Who He is, who He is, Jesus Christ the Lord

Every doubt, every fear
Every hurt, every tear
In the broken appears our Savior

Now God is with us
In a manger of dust
A King who will bear our sorrow

The star in the night
Heaven’s breakthrough of light
The promise has come, Messiah

Now we bow before
Singing Christ is the Lord
The Hope of the world is here
The Hope of the world is here

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