Christmas Sharing Tree

Our Christmas Sharing Tree ministry helps meet the practical needs of families in our church and local community.

This Christmas, we have the chance to care for New Heights families and area elementary school students. We’ve asked them to create a “wish list” by choosing from some different gift card options. You’re invited to help by grabbing a tag!

As Christmas approaches, volunteers will get to work organizing the gift cards and delivering the gifts. Every family will receive their gift cards, a special Christmas gift bag and a donated Christmas tree.

How it works …

STEP 1: Sign up to purchase a gift card

STEP 2: Bring the gift card (and activation code) to New Heights by Sun, Dec 12 by the end of worship services.

Take a tag!

In addition to receiving their gift cards and a donated tree, each family will also receive a plate of Christmas Treats. Want to serve on the Team to bring treats or help in the lobby during services?


“The last few years have been financially hard for my family. Thanks to the Sharing Tree, my husband and I did not have the extra stress of how we are going to make Christmas happen for our family. I feel so blessed to be part of a loving, giving church family.”

– Christmas Sharing Tree Recipient

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